I like to think that I’m up for trying almost anything.  I’m the first one to jump at an opportunity for any kind of adventure.  I plan to see the world and have all sorts of amazing stories to tell the kids I will one day have.

I used to say I was born in the wrong era, and that there were no more adventures to be had.  That was before I realized that anything can be an adventure, the only thing that matters is the way you look at it.  I’ve been categorized as a dreamer and a hopeless romantic.  I am proud to agree that I am both of these things.  Sometimes a certain song, or a movie, or even a quote will give me an ache in the depths of my chest.  This overpowering yearning for something…more.  When that happens, I usually get this intense urge to simply hop in my car and start driving, or a buy a ticket on a plane bound for somewhere far, far away.  I suppose this could explain why I’ve been to New York City and even England…twice.

When I was 18 and getting ready to be done with high school, I planned to take a road trip around the United States.  That is, until I found out that in certain states you have to be either 21 or 25 to get a hotel room.  After learning this, I postponed my road trip until after I turn 21.  Instead, I turned my attentions across the Atlantic Ocean.  But if you’ve read my other posts, you already know about that.

There is so much I want, so many things on my bucket list.  I want to take Route 66 all the way to California making a dozen stops at all the little hole-in-the-wall diners and small towns along the way.  I want to swim in the Pacific Ocean, breathing in the salt air that I’m convinced is in some way different from the air along the East coast.


I want to go to a place called Reykjavik in southern Iceland where there are hot springs.  At certain times of the year you can soak in the hot springs and watch the Northern Lights.  I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights, and I couldn’t think of a better way to appreciate them than relaxing in the hot springs.

I want to swim with dolphins; I want to watch the firefly squids glow in Japan.  I want to feed the swimming pigs in Exuma, Bahamas.  I want to swim in waters so blue it’s as though you’re swimming through the sky itself.  I want to climb mountains and stand under waterfalls and watch the rain blow across open fields in strange places.  I spent years believing there were no new adventures to be had; you can’t discover something that has already been discovered.  But I know things now I didn’t before; there is so much in this world, so many beautiful sights and hidden places.  It’s all out there, waiting for me; waiting for me to pack my bags, and step out of my door.

I finally understand why after too long at home I begin to go a little bit crazy.  I’ve seen pictures, heard stories and read books about all these wonderful places.  What I don’t understand is how people can be content with never leaving their homes, never seeing more of what this incredible world has to offer.

Sometimes I get frustrated that there is too much that I want to see and not enough years in a single lifetime to see it all.  But all I can do is make a list, and start checking things off one by one, living each day as it comes.  I hope I never lose my thirst for adventure or my sense of wonder and I hope I never stop going to places that take my breath away.  Because to me, these are the things that make life worth it.


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